Evga gtx 770 w/acx cooler vs asus direct cuii gtx 770

Im deciding between the asus gtx 770 and the evga acx cooler, which one looks better and performs better in temps and frames
My system specs are:
i5 4670k
Be quiet dark rock 2
Asus maximus vi hero
Corsair vengeance pro 8gb
Corsair ax 760
Fractal design r4
Western digital caviar blue 1tb
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    ASUS DCII GTX 770 (1100 MHZ boost):
    Load Temperature: 73 C
    Power Consumption: 394 W
    GTX EVGA w/acx cooler (1163mhz boost)
    Load Temperatures: 83 C
    Power Consumption: 408
    The performance of the EVGA will be better by a few frames due to the slightly higher clock speeds, but also runs about 10 Degrees hotter.
  2. Which one would you pick
  3. If you leave them at stock speeds EVGA.
    ASUS has the better cooler, allowing for higher OCs later on, in turn making more performance.
  4. How about gigabyte's 770?
  5. Its a solid 3rd, get ASUS for cooling capacity, or EVGA for out of box performance, quality, and customer service.
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