Looking for newer Budget Card to match with older Phenom II 940

I need a current graphics card, at most $100 (the lower the better) to pair with my old AMD Phenom II x4 940. I'd like the cheapest modern card I can find that won't bottleneck the 940. I can buy cheap and overclock to match the CPU if I need to.
My current PC is having issues so I'm looking to revive an older build with a new video card and PSU. PSU isn't an issue as will I select which one to buy after deciding on the GPU. I'm planning on overclocking the 940 to 3400-3600 mhz. The mobo I'm using is PCI-E 2 compatible.
I have Amazon Prime, so I prefer to use that if possible. Thanks for any help!

TL;DR - Need suggestions for cheapest GPU that won't bottleneck a Phenom II 940
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  1. Well, the 940 isn't that different from my Phenom II 955. Yours is only 5-10% weaker and may actually be stronger than mine once you OC.
    I use a GTX 660 GC, and my CPU bottlenecks in some games. Most of the bottlenecks are still higher than 40 fps, but it's enough that you'd probably be well off with a GTX 650 TI, GTX 750, or a GTX 750 TI if you really wanted to match your CPU closely without spending much extra.


    Lower cost:
  2. I generally shy away from pre-overclocked cards, but I've loved every Asus card I've owned, so I like your suggestions. It sounds as though my hopeful expectations of finding a card under $100 were a bit unresearched.
    I was looking at the newer Radeon R7 series as well, but I'm not sure how their performance matches up with the cards I'm more used to seeing.
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    The problem isn't so much that decent cards are expensive, but rather that your CPU is probably stronger than you think it is. Having 4 cores really gives the older AMD CPUs a boost right now in many games.

    AMD cards hold up pretty well. I like PhysX a bit too much to use them, but they're good options for often less money. An R7 250 performs a bit better than a GTX 650, meaning it's the lowest I'd go for your CPU without a large risk of your CPU outperforming your GPU in most games.
  4. If you're ok with me taking up a bit more of your time, what sort of difference do you notice in games with/without PhysX? Also, I'm new to the Tom'sHardware forums (been using the reviews for years), what's the best way to give positive feedback to other users on the forums?
  5. This is the most extreme example I've seen of PhysX.

    It's worth noting that most PhysX effects can be run on the CPU on AMD cards, but that absolutely kills the framerate if it's a complex or widely used effect.

    You might know more about the site than me, I just started using it a week or two ago.
  6. Gives me something to think about before buying, that's for sure. Thanks for all your help.
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