Advice on overclocking 3570k?

I have been looking at overclocking guides everywhere and they are all a bit different and I'm new to this so I need some help.

I can get my cpu up to 4.4Ghz @ stock voltage but when I stress test it with prime95 and monitor temps with hwmonitor the package temp gets to around 80C in about 15-20 minutes of doing the blend test with 4 workers (1 for each core/thread). Is this normal?

Then I left it at 4.4 and set the vcore to 1.110 and stress tested it the same way but after the same amount of time or maybe a bit longer I got a BSOD so I raised the vcore again to 1.120 and it got a BSOD again. What am I doing wrong and can someone give me some advice on settings for this chip and board? Also I know that every cpu is different so the same settings may not be exactly right for my cpu.

My rig:

Gtx 770
asrock z77 extreme4
Ripjaws x series 8gb 1600mhz
western digital caviar black 500gb
samsung 840 evo 120gb
CM hyper 212 evo
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  1. My guess is not enough Vcore. You said stock at the start and looking online that's somewhere around 1.2x. Dropping the Vcore down to lower the 80C is a good idea. But 1.12 is to much of a drop, and the CPU can't handle that little voltage. Try a 1.2Vcore and see?
  2. You need to increase the voltage; 1.23V will be a good starting point. I'd estimate you'd need around 1.25V, but like you said, every CPU will be different.

    Instead of the blend test, use Small FFTs as this will stress the CPU cores to their maximum. 80C is also rather high, you should aim for 70-75C maximum and let the test run for several hours so you know that temperature will be maintained.
  3. 1.2 volts will be fine. If it is stable drop to 1.18 volts see how you go.
    Also its not stock voltage if u oc to 4.4 ghz and leave on auto its prob setting voltage at 1.26 volts or so on auto, hence y gets hot
  4. Okay I will try starting with 4.4 at 1.2 volts and test it with the FFT's when I get home today and will report back. Also my bios only lets me change the vcore in increments of like 0.005 so i can't do like 1.208 or specific numbers like that it would have to be 1.205 or 1.210.
  5. thats fine, leave the cstates on, but turn of the other power saving modes. turbo mode stays on
  6. I put it at 4.4 at 1.2v and i ran small FFT's and it gave me a BSOD after only a minute. Then I tried 4.4 at 1.21v and it gave a BSOD after 5 minutes. Then I bumped it up to 4.4 at 1.23v and ran it for 10 minutes but I'm already up to 80C. After about 30 minutes my max temp was 84C and no errors either. Should I add more voltage? Will this lower my temps or what? If so how much should I raise it?
  7. Don't increase the voltage, all that will do is increase the temperature and 80C is already too high. Turn the overclock down to 4.2Ghz and 1.22V and see what temperature you get. Ideally, you want to keep it below 75C.

    I'd also check that your cooler and thermal paste are correctly applied. Ivy Bridge is known is get hot easily, but 80C still seems high with a 212 Evo.
  8. Okay I will try that first and see what temps I get first before I check the cooler. I did have a bit of trouble putting the evo on because its the first time I have used an aftermarket heatsink. Do you use the dot method or line method for thermal paste? Or I guess I should say which way is better/correct?
  9. I put it down to 4.2ghz and set the vcore at 1.2v because I can't do specific numbers with this board like I said I could either do 1.200 or 1.205 so I did 1.200 and in the first 10 minutes or so it got up to 77C?? Should I just check the cooler and see if that's the problem or?
  10. ^I'm going to leave that because I'm stupid and I think it's funny. I put it at 1.22v and 4.2ghz but as you can imagine my voltage is higher so my temps are already at 77C almost a minute after I started it.
  11. I have even gone down to 1.175v at 4.2ghz and I'm hitting 72C within a minute or two. I'm pretty sure there is something wrong with my cpu or cooler, am I right?
  12. it would seem that way yes. are u touch any other voltages
  13. Matt Bull said:
    it would seem that way yes. are u touch any other voltages

    I'm sorry what is the question?
  14. opps, is the vcore the only voltage u have touched.
  15. Matt Bull said:
    opps, is the vcore the only voltage u have touched.

    Yes, I don't understand the others and I've seen some people say they don't make that much of a difference so they don't bother with it.
  16. You definitely need to check the cooler, as it should be doing much better than that. You may have been unlucky with the CPU, but I wouldn't expect it to perform THAT badly.

    VCORE is the only voltage you need to change.
  17. Oh i know what could be a problem do you oc ur ram?
  18. Matt Bull said:
    Oh i know what could be a problem do you oc ur ram?

    No, I don't. My ram is at stock timings and speed.
  19. I cleaned off the thermal paste from the heatsink and cpu and completely took the heatsink off and put it back on better but I am getting the same temps. 4.4 at 1.22v getting 80C after 15-20 minutes of small fft's. Think it's just not a very good cpu or something else?
  20. I tried lowering it to 4.2 at 1.175v and after 10 minutes it got up to 76C. I will lower the voltage and see how low I can go. 4.2 at 1.160v got up to 74C after 10 minutes. 4.2 at 1.145v got up to 73C after 10 minutes.
  21. Should I just not overclock or is there a decent advantage from turbo boost to 3.6 to 4.0ghz or 4.2ghz?
  22. ocing is best
  23. Matt Bull said:
    ocing is best

    But am I getting a significant difference in fps going from 3.8ghz turbo boost to lets say when I get a new cpu and I do overclock it could get to 4.4ghz? If not I am just going to return my 3570k and go with a 3570 and not overclock obviously except for the turbo boost.
  24. I now have it running a bit cooler, 4.2 at 1.160v running small FFT's for 30 minutes and the max temp got to 70C. Is that where it should be at or should it be cooler?
  25. I decided to leave it at stock speeds and lowered my voltage down to 1.050v now its staying at around 55C while on load and my fan is very quiet :D.
  26. Best answer
    Jordannn15 said:
    I now have it running a bit cooler, 4.2 at 1.160v running small FFT's for 30 minutes and the max temp got to 70C. Is that where it should be at or should it be cooler?

    If that temperature can be maintained for several hours, then you have nothing to worry about. Ivy Bridge and Haswell processors are well known for generating more heat than Sandy Bridge.
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