My desktop is having the same problem, when it reaches the CPU light is goes red and shuts off, i bought a new CPU and had the

My computer won't start after the MB reaches the CPU light and turns red, then off, i bought a new CPU and had the MB checked under warranty idk what the problem is? anyone
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  1. RE-Check power connections and power supply. Basically, keep swapping parts until you figure it out.
  2. System specs? Could be many things like bad ram or a faulty PSU.
  3. I just went and rechecked the power supply, and all the cords pushed in, i have removed RAM sticks and took out my video card and tried to turn it on, all this. I have not tried a new PSU but i have a 1000 watts psu which should be good, i have a ASUS sabertoothh 990 fx i think or one earlier model, and a AMD AM3+ 6 core 125watt CPU
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