Computer Dying?? - MUCH slower, stuck on welcome, stuck on shutdown?

Hi, I built a computer recently, about a month or 2 ago and it performed really well. Now recently, after my computer telling me I had a non-genuine copy of Windows 7 (Which may have been my fault for buying it from overseas, I got a reinstallation disk for only dell computers...) my computer started acting weird. When I shut down, it will sometimes get stuck on the shut down and never shut down (Says its shutting down but it doesn't) This also happened when my internet (Wireless) stopped on me, and I couldn't even open the internet menu. When I turn on my computer, ocasionally it would get stuck on welcome and not log me in, or not even show my account on the login screen.

Again today, I changed my default font to a custom font (Installed) and it was working fine, until later today I decided to shut down my computer because it said it needed to install updates. After it shut down, I turned it back on to let it configure windows updates... It never finished. I searched on my moms iPad what i should do, and it said to shut off the computer and run it in safe mode, so I did. After that, I restarted my computer and ran it like always. When I got back, my programs that have the administrator shield thing (The blue and yellow shield) had dissapeared. I quickly did a virus scan, and it detected no viruses (Malaware Bytes).

I really don't want to wipe my computer and redo things, I would like to have that as a last resort. If you can help please reply!

Another problem is I don't have a back up anywhere, because it kept trying to back up every file (Which isn't really possible with around 450GB of stuff trying to fit a 4GB Disk)

Computer Parts

OS- Windows 7
MOBO- Asus M5A97
HDD- WD Caviar Black 1TB
RAM- Corsair Vengeance Pro 8GB
GPU- GTX 650 Ti Boost
CPU- AMD FX-6300
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  1. Something's fishy about that reinstallation disk. Best solution is a genuine copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. For backups, I highly recommend at least a 1 TB external HDD.
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