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Hi all

I am curious to know how to control the fans in my rig. I am currently researching for my upcoming water cooling setup later this year. And i was wondering how I can manage to completely stop some of your fans from running if my PC is idle. I want my rig to be as near silent as possible and therefore want to turn of most of the fans when idle, turn them on at a certain temperature and scale them up when the temperature of the components rise.
E.g. what program can I use for it?

Also a little side question. Would passive cooling on the radiators (all fans stopped) be enough to keep my system cool when idle. I want to water cool my GTX 770 and my i7-4770K. I am getting two NexXxoS ST30 360 radiators. The overkill of radiator space is for quiet fan speed even at load. Room temp is between 21 celcius to 30 celcius depending on the time of the year.

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. you can buy a fan controller that will turn the fans down to 40% or so, it wouldn't be as loud and the fans would still stay running, however, if you wanted them completely off, you can buy a toggle switch or something similar, cut the power cable, and attach one end to one side of the switch, and one side to the other side of the switch, then mount it onto your case. there are ones for $1 here, the same site also has some more stylish ones that look like fighter pilot switches.
  2. I have already made a manuel fan controller with multible fan speeds. But what I want is software control for my fans.


    GPU temp / CPU temp under 35 degree celcius = fans turned off
    GPU temp / CPU temp over 35 degree celcius but under 45 degree celcius = fans turn on (20% fan speed)
    GPU temp / CPU temp over 45 degree to 70 degree celcius = scale fan speed from 20% to 100%
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    you can get free software like speedfan I personally don't like cnet but if you can google it and find another download link for it even better
  4. Would i be able to control the fan speed both from GPU and CPU temp with speedfan? :)
  5. well if you are doing something with water cooling you would be able to control the fan speed of the fans for the radiators. If you don't plan on waterblocking right away you can use something like msi afterburner to control the fan speed manually by adjusting the speed of the fan when it hits a certain temp
  6. Think I will try SpeedFan and hope for the best :P
  7. If you have an asus board if you look on their website they should have another good fan controller for your system.
  8. Have an MSI Z87-GD65
  9. you should have something called commandcenter that came with your board, but that or speedfan should do the trick
  10. If you really want good fan control plus control of the water loop you should do some research on Aquacomputer Aquaero 6 and the Aqua Suite software. The AQ6 is spendy at $200 but you can get the same control with the older AQ5 LT for $70, you do not get the LCD screen and need to use the Aqua Suite software (free) for setup and control. It's the most powerful $70 controller on the market.
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