How to change the screen resolution of a game without opening the game?

i have used a LCD television as the monitor for my computer and it only supports 1024x768 resolution so whenever i install a game which has a default resolution other than that the monitor stops the reception and there is black screen with the error message "Mode not support".and then either i have to start the task manager and close the game or i have to restart my cmptr if im unable to see the task manager and ultimately i hav to uninstall those games.if there is any app through which i could change the resolution of the game without opening it or force it to open in a certain resolution,or if there a way through which i can open the game in windowed form it would manageble.Please help me,i m fed up of this problem,i havent been able to play most of the games due to this reason
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  1. nvidia has an nvidia experience tool that lets you set default resolutions / settings for games. i think amd boards have also something similar. each game keeps its settings where each one wants so it depends on the game.

    also from the amd control center or nvidia control panel you can use the rescale options to always force the resolution you have, try that too.
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    For steam games you can.
    -windowed or -sw - Forces the engine to start in windowed mode.
    Explained here.
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