Will HD6670 heat up with my MSI GF615M-P33 V2 Motherboard?

Planning on upgrading memory ram and videocard... Was just wondering whether or not the HD 6670 videocard will heat up with the motherboard.... Ive tested using the HD 7750 gddr5 videocard on it and it heated up so bad. Ive tried the HD 6570 though and it worked just fine... Problem is that HD 6570 already ran out at the stores.... And the only vcard available is the HD 6670...:(

Pls help me out here guys... Thanks
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    heat it shouldn't, and neither should a 7750.

    Just remember that your motherboard doesn't support ram speed over 1333Mhz so your stuck to that speed.
  2. Thanks so much.... Im gonna try running that 7750 again
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