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Hi guys

I was up to buy the coollaboratory liquid ultra thermal paste for my laptops gpu as it was constantly overheating thus lowering the performance massively! Now i'm not sure whether or not my gpus top might be aluminium which would cause the above thermal paste to destroy it. Also, my cpu and gpu s cooling parts are a lot smaller than in desktops. Have a look
(notice the cotton stick)
Cpu: Intel Core i7-3610QM
Gpu: NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M
(I also don't really know which is the gpu and which is the cpu on this motherboard :X)

Generally, do you think this thermal paste is the right choice or what would you propose?

Also, what is the material of my heat sink (right in the picture)? My guess is its copper because of the color. But its really light! Could it be an alloy?
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    No don't use the liquid pro. That thermal paste is also super conductive; if it gets on anywhere else other then the gpu, your motherboard is fried. I prefer using Arctic Mx-4

    The liquid pro is often used when delidding cpus
  2. Thanks! But how do i apply it on such a small Heat spreader? Does it matter when some of the paste goes on the green part?
  3. the best method is to put a tiny dot of paste in the centre and the force of the heat sink will spread it as necessary.

    And no, it wont matter, as long as you don't use the conductive thermal paste, but you should apply very little paste, so this does not happen anyway.
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