I need help with my School (HP Laptop, reset to factory settings?

Hey, I've had this laptop for 2 years now and I'm leaving school, and they want the laptop back... I'm a 17 year old guy with no other PC, the other thing I browse stuff on is my phone.... BUT.... as I said I'm a 17 year old guy and i would like to, uhm, "reset" my pc I guess.... because of things... *cough*

I would love to get some help with this urgent matter, not so urgent I got like 2 weeks to send it back to them. Thanks guys.
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    1) The make and model of the machine would be needed. If you are familiar with the Disk Manager, let us know what partitions are on it.
    2) Ask the school IT group if they set up a new OS on the machine when you return it, and if it's OK for you to wipe the drive clean (no OS, no nothing) before you return it.
    3) Next time around, get a thumb drive and keep "that stuff" on it and off any machine owned by someone else.

    Or 4, just delete it all. Oh, and clean and disinfect the keyboard for the next user.
  2. Just delete all of your *cough* schoolwork *cough*, and next time pick up a 32gb flash drive for $20 and keep all your *cough* work on there.
  3. And yeah, please clean the keyboard, mouse, screen, and pretty much the entire laptop before you return it...
  4. First of all I gotta say, hilarious comments! x) But the problem is I don't have anything on the laptop, anymore, that I know of. That's the problem, I don't know if I have anymore homework on there... *cough*
    I have a bunch of random programs that I'm going to uninstall after I've posted this but I still like need to clean the thing, not in the way you were referring to. I know how to be discrete.
    Wow this thread took a turn down weird lane
  5. Oh and the laptop is a Windows 7 HP laptop. Oh and, also, I tried doing the bootup and then press F11 thing but there is no F11 recovery manager thing on there, it's like they want to know what you're doing. <removed>
  6. Ah, so just some games? Just run the uninstaller, and you are fine. And make sure to empty the recycle bin.
  7. I mean I don't think they're going to like scavenge through my entire database of stored files and stuff. They're probably just going to check so it's running and do a reset themselves, etc.
    Any other ideas? ^^
  8. I finally got almost everything removed, there is no trace of homework left... *cough*
    Thx guys, now if you excuse me I've got some forms to fill in..... *cough*
  9. There is software that you can download to overwrite random garbage over every unused block on the disk. So that no-one can recover the contents of files that you deleted but are still hanging around in a recoverable state.
  10. There will be leftovers of those "games" etc., in the App Data folder under your Username. It's a hidden folder so you will have to click to show those folders in Tools>Folder Options>View menu. Don't forget to hide them afterwards. Also clear out all your browser history.
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