Usb Modem 4g want to bridge with PC ethernet and create wif via a d link router

1. Yota Modem
2. Windows 7
3. Real tek Ethernet card attached to mother board
I can create bridge between USB Modem and Ethernet but resulting connection does not work.
4. Ethernet does not get any internet traffic,
5. Various configurations lead to USB not working
4G modem USB >PC USB>Bridge connection>Ethernet internal card on mother board>wired to D Link router WIfi with only Ethernet out puts> WIFI for rooted WIFI Tablet.
Help please
Thank you in advance for your consideration
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    It likely doesn't work because the modem only allows you a single IP address and when you bridge you have multiple devices trying to use it.

    You are going to have to use something like ICS to make this work. It tends to be even more tricky when you put a second router behind the ICS, you will likely get better results using it as a AP.

    I would consider a router that supports you directly connecting a 3g/4g modem. Asus and tplink have a number of models but you have to look though the list. Since most hits I get on Yota modems do not come up in english I can not be of a lot of help. I don't think asus or tplink support it but there are a number of other vendors. things to search for is 3g/4g broadband router.
  2. Thanks I believe you are correct. The Yota USB modem is Russian. I live in communist Latin America. The router is a hundred bucks and that is a lot of rubles for a peasant like me. Thanks for the insight.
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