Eyefinity and Surround questions


I have heard a lot about multi-monitor setups, and I have a few questions.

1. Is Eyefinity/Surround able to be done on a single card?

2. If it is, would a GTX 760 4 GB work?

3. On the AMD side, would a R9 280X work

4. I have seen videos about Eyefinity on cards that look ridiculously low end. Do those cards actually work well?

5. How would I set up Eyefinity/Surround?

6. Lastly, If I need 2 cards, could I make a setup that costs under 300?

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    1. Yes, if it's 3 x 1080p.

    2. Hardly, don't expect playing on high settings.

    3. It would work better than the GTX 760, still nowhere close to maxing out games.

    4. Maybe with low setting in old games.

    5. Eyefinity:
    Nvidia surround:

    6. No, I'd recommend using only high end (a.k.a expensive) cards, since you couldn't play on high or even medium settings with fluid fps if you spent 300$.
  2. AMD Eyefinity Manual | SLS (Single Large Surface) Video Wall Setup Guide

    Check this out for your cable connection guide for a single Radeon video card.

    Eyefinity will triple the resolution of the lowest resolution monitor so it is really helpfull if they are all the same resolution (i.e., 1080p x3 and NOT 1080p x2 plus 1600x900 x1)

    XFX Double D R9-280X-TDFD Radeon R9 280X 3GB: $320 before $20 rebate
    -- promo code EXLEMC2266 might get you another $10 off
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