YouTube videos lagging?

Is it normal when I watch any YouTube video and on rare random moments the video feels like its on 15-20 fps but when I check the ''stats for nerds'' it shows a stable 28, 30, 31 fps

And when I watch that lag-ish part back its sometimes smooth.

Doesn't matter what quality I set the video on
360p = still happens
1080p = still happens

How could I fix this?
Is it YouTube or just me?
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  1. It's probably your connection. Even the simplest computers running integrated graphics on slow processors can still buffer youtube fine.

    My internet isn't bad at all.
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    Well flash is fu**ed and hardware accel doesn't work. Use chrome with HTML5. Alternatively it can be your hard drive or some background process causing high usage for short periods of time. Also there are mining trojans that use your gpu, check gpu-z for usage while browsing. Hope this helps
  4. It worked! finally someone who's helpful. Thank you

    Sadly I can't set the quality higher then 1080p tho.
  5. Glad i could help.
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