cpu constanly running at clock speeds, not good!

I have OCed my cpu to 4.5ghz (amd 8350) and its stable.

I dont want it to constantly run at 4.5ghz therefore I turned on Cool n' Quite and now it lowers down to 1.4ghz when I am not doing anything but it easily bumps up to 4.5ghz when I open a few things. There is no other intermediate speed.

So its either 1.4ghz or 4.5ghz , is there a way it can slowly bump up from 1.4 to 2.4 then to 3.4 and so on!
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  1. No
  2. Try changing the maximum processor state under processor power management in the advanced power settings found in the control panel. You'll have to manually adjust the CPU speeds using this method, but it's the only way.
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    Some BIOS will allow you to set the turbo multiplier separately from the base multiplier. You could potentially set the turbo multi to 23 and your base multi to something like 14 or so. Also, you may be able to adjust the PowerNow! feature. I believe 1.4ghz is the lowest of the low power states. You may be able to select a higher low power state.
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