ATI RADEON HD 5870 (Mac) In a PC

I have 2 Radeon HD 5870's lying around in my old mac pro and I was givin a old dell XPS 8000 I want to try to put one in there (After I upgrade the PSU ofcourse). What would I have to do to make it work in a Windows Machine.
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  1. it won't work if you just plug it straight in as it is setup to AMD mac BIOS rom, if you flash with AMD PC BIOS rom it will work.
  2. How do you do that?
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    your going to have to plug in the GPU into your PC, load bios, then then flash it to AMD PC BIOS Rom, BIOS varies from different manufacturers to models so it's hard to say how to do it. But you will know how to do it in your BIOS.
  4. Ok thanks you I have also found the way to flash my card online.
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