Have a four monitor setup, retiring current rig soon looking at which way to go with gpus

so in the coming months im going to be retiring my current rig. however im still trying to research the best way about powering the displays. my current rig uses two gtx 560s to power all four. this build is using a first gen i7 so it has no integrated video and i never use surround because it is fairly buggy and just generally not worth my time. for my new build i've noticed that the new chips have integrated graphics. so my question is:

is it better for me to go with the cpu powering 1-3 of the monitors with a dedicated gpu powering the one for gaming. or for me to go with two identical cheaper gpus with each one powering two monitors
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  1. I swear looked before I posted but right after I posted a thread came up with the answer to my question which was yes :D
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    If you wanted to stick with one GPU then yea using the onboard and the add-in card would work. I'd do Two and Two though.

    If you wanted to game on all of them then yea you want to get a GPU that supports 4 monitors or get two and SLI/Crossfire them
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