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Hi guys, I've had a problem with my PC for a while now. Occasionally my FPS would drop or stutter horribly, my sound crackling/repeating. It mostly happens if I try to use Spotify-like music services and play games. I play League of Legends mostly. The DPC checker and Latency MON both show I have a high latency in default, they even show something called ndis.sys to be the problem. Now, I wanted to know what is that and how can I solve it? Sometimes usbcontroller or smth like that shows up as a problem. I will post screenshots. Maybe some hardware is having a clash, i have no idea. \"Untitled\"></a>"
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    ndis.sys is an API that translates from hardware to software a communication device.
    It is the Network Driver Interface Specification.
    Are you on a wireless connection?
  2. My desktop, the very same I'm having these problems on, isn't. I have a modem/router combo from my cable provider. It's a Cisco brand. I have a onboard network adapter. My MB is quite poor, only recently I became aware of it. I've had it for 4 years
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