Seagate dont replace warranty drive for the last 1 year.

My hardisk Seagate 25o GB went faulty when the warranty near completion, lon May 3rd 2013. Two times they replaced but they were too faulty. I submitted the drive at the nearest service center SGTABL130001353DW dated 14 DEC 2013. Till date they didnt replace. Now a days they refuses to reply my email even. Can anybody provide help ?
Sambhu S M
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    Check for your country, and give them a call. That way someone will be forced to talk to you, and will be able to check everything for you.
  2. I am in India and have all the contact numbers but they are not interested to sove it and not even reply my email. I have the receipt from the service center.
  3. im afraid this is between you and seagate.if what you say is true i wouldnt be buying any seagate drives again if i were you.
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