new build but power problems need help!!

So i decided to build my own computer most of my mates had done the same and had great results.But when i turn it on the leds just flash for a milisecond and thats it.
I have been over my wires 30 plus times and made sure everything is perfect. I first thought it was because my power supply came with a 4 pin and not an 8 pin but i bought an adaptor and still the flash of led. Then i thought it was because my 24 pin has a wire missing but this is normal looking at other peoples threads.
Apart from that everything fits well i got the motherboard and cpu as one package everything is ddr3 so i made sure i bought that. The only thing i havnt got is a optical drive. But have now ordered one.
Can anyone make suggestions?
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  1. sounds like a bad psu or mobo what is your psu make, model and watage? how about your moboe? as well as other system specs?
  3. first off stop type in caps second its not likely a bios issue otherwise it would at least start to boot up as opposed to not even turning on
  4. Build spec:
    Motherboard :Gigabyte f2a55m-hd2.
    Cpu: amd a8 6600k quad core 4.2 ghz
    Ram: vengence ddr3 4gb ram x 2
    Graphics card: asus geforce gt 610 2gb
    Power unit: alpine 750w
    500gb hard drive
    Vantage gamers case

    And if you could tell me what a bios and other abreviations ur using as im a NOOB
  5. That PSU is complete junk. Replace with Antec, XFX, Corsair, Seasonic. 400w is more than enough for this system.

    Also, you have messed up with the parts selection.

    You have a VERY weak GPU you plan to use with an APU. The CPU has BETTER on board video. Ditch the gt610 completely.
  6. Yeah i allways knew doing my first build was gunna be complecated. But all these parts your saying to change none of them wouldnt make the computer not work? There all new parts.

    Just tried reinserting bios battery and just the led flash again. So annoying
  7. Take out the GPU and forget about it. You do not need it. Return it. It is WORSE than the integrated graphics on that CPU. do all of these steps.
  8. Going to follow these steps will let u know how i get on. What graphics card can u suggest. Not too expensive lol
  9. Well, your computer isn't really designed for a graphics card. You have an APU for your CPU. The whole point is that it has decent on board graphics while sacrificing a bit of CPU power.

    What do you want to do with this system?
  10. Gaming mainly trying to get a half decent gaming computer.
  11. Best answer
    Well, unfortunately, if you can, I would return everything except the HDD and RAM and start over.

    The PSU is trash. This is 1000% the most important part of a PC. A low quality one can easily fry everything. Use ONLY the brands I listed. It should be replaced ASAP.

    The CPU is a bit weak for a mid+ range GPU. It is not meant to be used with a GPU. It is for HTPC and office computers, not gaming rigs.

    If you replace the PSU, you could add something like a gtx660, but I would definitely not get anything more powerful than that for this CPU.

    Something like a gtx750TI would be great here. Should be able to still get medium-ish settings out of the computer.
  12. Yeah the psu came with the case. Thanks for the help and suggesion will defantly change the psu and gpu to what you said. Also i hadnt put all retaining pins on the back of motherboard it came with these plastic screw in things. So i now changed them.
  13. Yeah, get the gtx 750ti and a 500w PSU from the brands I listed and you will have a decent medium settings gaming computer.

    Return the gt610 for sure. Its junk.
  14. Yeah should i get the gtx660 in a 2gb or 3gb? Suppose it would depend on how much i wanna spend im guessing?
  15. Neither, get the gtx750ti.

    The 2gb 660 is actually MUCH better than the 3gb one. The card is too weak to use any more than 2gb vRAM so the extra ram slows it down.

    What type of games do you plan to play?
  16. Yeah just looked at them and it says there ddr5, my motherboard is ddr3?

    Skyrim online, trials fusion, plan on playing alot of fallout borderlands. Everything but cod and battlefield, i now hate shooters
  17. No your motherboard uses DDR3 RAM, that has absolutely nothing to do with the GPU. ANY modern GPU is gddr5.
  18. So after i change the psu and gpu i shall see if it works then. Really dont like the way u said my psu is trash :S gunna dissconect it all now lol but thanks :)
  19. Yeah, after you get the new PSU and GPU, try again.

    Sorry about the PSU comment, but so many people have a bad PSU ruin every single component in their computer. I see this all the time and warranties DO NOT cover this so we try our best to help people avoid it.
  20. Na im just glad im getting somewhere. Spent 330 on this build.spent 50 on the gpu so another 200 shud be set
  21. Sorry about that gt610. It was a big waste. It is considerably worse than the integrated graphics. You new GPU will be great though.
  22. Also cant find were this little speaker goes ?
  23. It connects to the motherboard. generally near the power button/ LED. Read the motherboard manual. It will tell you.
  24. So my question now is have i fried anything By putting a poor psu in my build?
  25. No, chances are you have not. A bad PSU generally needs to be stressed (gaming) in order to fail and do damage. You are in the clear.
  26. Just to let you know Took it into the computer shop today they said it was a faulty psu. Real cheap crap!! Ordered antec 650W nearly 90 quid!
  27. That will be a MUCH better unit. Have you decided on a GPU yet?
  28. Yeah i gone with a gygabyte gtx 660 2gb. Havnt ordered it yet as need to get paid first lol
  29. Sounds good. Did you end up returning the gt610?
  30. Would let me return it so i put it on gumtree got 30 quid for it.
  31. i would rather go with a 256 bit gpu, like a amd 270 , same price
  32. That is an option as well. Don't forget he only has an a8 6600 as his CPU so anything too powerful will get bottle-necked.

    Also, with these mid-range cards the extra bandwidth doesn't really matter very much.
  33. Just a quick question do most pc gaming builds go with amd or intel?
  34. Both. There is no better or worse. They are just different options.

    Most gaming builds DO NOT use an APU as the CPU, though.
  35. But isuppose i cant change my cpu now? Suggestion to go with my motherboard or would i have to change my moboe?
  36. You would have to change the motherboard to put a better CPU in there. And honestly for just a single 660 or 270, your CPU will be fine.
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