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I've recently built my first gaming PC and have been enjoying games, but for a loud noise from my fans. After installing new corsair (quiet edition) fans throughout the case, I have discovered it is a vacuuming noise due to air being pulled through the vents in the clear panel by the fan supplying air to the GPU.

I powered up the PC with the fan separate from the panel and it is very quiet, but as soon as I put the fan close to the correct position is becomes very noisy. This only happens when the fan is pulling air into the case, not pushing.

Is there any way that I could stop this without buying a new case? If not then I'll just give in as I'm using one that I found in my parents' loft.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. the fans should be blowing air out of the case not sucking room temp air in the case.
  2. front panel fans -> blowing in air .

    back panel fans -> blowing out air.

    Top panel fans -> blowing out air.
  3. I've got the front 140mm fan blowing air into the case, the rear 120mm fan blowing air out and the side 120mm fan (problem one) blowing air onto the GPU... Should I turn it around then?
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    yes it must be blowing out. or else it will just blow warm air into the case.
  5. Thanks :)
  6. no problem. anymore questions give me a pm.
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