Asus M5A99X EVO vs Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0

What're the diffrnces between those mobos? The price of M5A99FX Pro r2.0 is about 1.5k higher than the M5A99X EVO but what are the advantages of the Pro r2.0?! I'll assemble a gaming rig and budget does matter but not for 1.5k or 2k higher, if I get much more features.. Plz clear my confusion!!
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  1. It looks like the advantage of pro over the evo is a few extra PCI express 2.0 slots.
    Other than that, doesn't seem to be any difference performance wise.
  2. What is the work of PCI Express 2.0 slots?!
    I'm verrry green about these!!
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    I add the link for product comparison, they are almost same, except using CF or SLI, the pro run in dual X16, other version run in X8. the pro one does not worth to buy, just get the evo or evo r2.0 version.
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