PCI-E 3.0 x16 running at x4 2.0

I entered the Bios and manually chose 4 cores because before that, it was running at x2, now it is running at x4 and my fps in Guild Wars 2 drastically increased from 20 fps to about 80, but still goes down when in crowded areas, I would like to know how to make it run at x16. I've read bunch of things as resetting your MOBO, updating your Bios, cleaning the card, it doesn't work. :(,I want all the performance I can get, this game demands a bit.
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  1. I think you might be thinking of two different things. At first you state 2 cores which you switched to 4, that would make sense if your talking about the CPU not the PCIe speed. What graphics card are you using? 80 fps sounds like your running fine.
  2. hd radeon 7870, well, I'm pretty noob at this, but the gpu-z shows the bus interface top speed is 3.0 x 16 and it says that the current speed is 2.0 x 4 and yes somehow i mixed the cpu with the gpu i meant to say the gpu is running at that speed when it could be running at x16
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    You must be having 2 ports, one 2.0 x4 and one 2.0 x16. The x4 one is generally the one on the left(farther from the CPU). Put the GPU in the other slot.
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