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Dual booting Windows XP 32-bit over windows 7 64-bit?

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April 10, 2014 11:11:19 AM

I want to dual boot my PC currently running on Win7 with WinXP. The most important reason behind this is Counter Strike. I hardly get 30 FPS(frames per second) in my CS steam game and i can do anything to improve my gaming effects.So, i decided to dual boot with winXP which gives 100 FPS(approx.).Here is my question:Give me the easiest and efficient way to dual boot my PC.I know i need to create another partition to install WnXP in it.But will my boot loader automatically ask me about which OS is to be loaded ? I couldn't get a firm answer anywhere.Now that Microsoft is removing support for XP. Do you think my PC will be at risk.However, on XP i would just install Steam and then CS and nothing else not even a browser and turn off automatic updates and firewall.

**Important question:I need almost 3-4GB for my game which will be installed on XP. My win7 partitions are C:,D:,E:,F:.With C: (has win7 OS installed in it) drive having 39GB of free memory and F: (has 44GB of free memory) other drives almost all full.Which partition should i shrink and What should be my new partition size so that enough memory is left for new programs which will be installed on Win7.

1)32 bit XP to be booted on 64 bit Win7
2)With XP in my PC. Is my PC at risk ?(Microsoft removed XP support)
3)Will the boot loader ask me for choosing the OS to be loaded
Additional question:
4)Can i access my programs installed on Win7 while using XP.Or do i have to re-install them again on XP?

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April 12, 2014 7:03:27 AM

anyone ?!!