i5 2500 vs i3 2100

I have built a new itx build and was thinking of replacing my i3 2100 with i5 2500 as its going really cheap nowadays. 3rd gen i5 is still a good $50 above it. Here are the specs of the system;

2x4GB G.Skill Ripjaws Z 2133MHz
XFX HD6950 1GB
Kingston SSD V200+ 60GB
Western Digital Cavier 1TB Green
Western Digital Cavier 500GB Green
Corsair H55 with dual Corsair SP120 Fans
CoolerMaster Elite 130

Recently I have seen this article; Gaming CPU Hierarchy Chart which mentions that I will not see much of a difference with the i5 installed while gaming, how much weight should I give to this statement?
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  1. If you go to the 2500K and overclock, you will see a dramatic performance increase, not so much if at stock.

  2. well somehow K-series is all sold out in my country.
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    I agree the only big jump you're going to see will be a unlocked i5, what exactly are you having bad performance in? The HD6950 is a bit dated now, it's roughly equal to the HD7850 which is alright for 1080p but let's be real, it's not going to max out new demanding games at constant 60fps, and only 1gb of vram is a negative now in 2014, 2gb is the standard for vram
  4. So you say that I ditch the GFX instead and keep the i3 2100?
  5. I would. Worst comes to worst you can get a better cpu later. Check out this vid, it's talking about Haswell, but, still.
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