random SSD lag spikes (I think)

Hello TH users,

I have never posted here because I usually find my problem answered in a different thread but this time I have run out of options.

Basically it started around 4 weeks ago. My PC started getting lags- I first noticed it opening new tabs in chrome- would take up to 10 seconds to "load", i.e. all tabs blank and the PC lags massively. I deactivated addons, reinstalled chrome, and tried firefox- same issue.

I then thought it's the CPU- the task manager revealed "spikes" from under 10% to around 40%. That's not much, so I tried speedfan. The core temperature during a spike rises from 37C to 41C max, which again isn't actually out of the ordinary. I also ran chkdsk, and memtest (all clean). I updated my GPU driver, installed latest windows updates, ran CC cleaner, malware scanner, and my usual Antivirus program (Kaspersky Pure 3.0).

The Resource monitor shows the disk usage to jump to 100% during the jumps. Also, I noticed that the only PC game I have trouble with is World of Warcraft (game crashes during busy raids), and that is the only one I have installed on my SSD. All other games (with steam) are on my HDD (windows is installed on my SSD).

Other things I have tried:
I never had McAfee/Norton installed, I did not do anything to the SSD (I bought it a year ago, this is still the first run without format), I have 120GB of 250GB free, My Ram usage is always around 3/16GB. I dusted and cleaned the inside of my PC, which didn't help either. I have ran a complete diskcheck with Speedfan which assures me the SSD is 100% healthy. So I am completely stumped. I spent a lot of money on my (custom-built) PC and I hope someone can help me/suggest other possible causes. I know sometimes hardware doesn't work together, but this beauty ran smoothly for 11 months.

Windows 7 Professional
i5 3570K CPU
Asus P8Z77-V MB
16GB(2x8) Corsair 1600MHz Ram
Samsung 840 Series 250GB SSD 2.5inch

Thank you very much for any help!
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  1. In the Resource monitor, what process is eating up the resource, the one with the highest read / write?
  2. Dear Polke, thanks for the reply. It took me a while to get another lag, and I actually think it might be the CPU ... I really am confused.
    Before the lag, CPU usage is 28% and Disk I/O per second is between 85 and max of 1000KB
    During the lag, I get 58% CPU usage and Disk I/O is 15.000KB
    Highest CPU user: icacls.exe (16%) which terminates instantly, avp.exe (7-15% depending) and svchost.exe(secsvcs) (6-8%)
    Disk is 5 times svchost, and sometimes avp which I guess is Kaspersky running background checks every now and then.

    //I will keep monitoring the processes, I hope I will spot a pattern.
  3. I have managed to take screenshots of two different lags, I hope they can shed some light on my mystery?

    First one was opening a tab in Chrome, second one was closing a document in Excel.
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    Those number doesn't look high at all. I have an ssd and the number can go as high as 2 million B/sec for total. I think your ssd is faulty.
  5. Even if the speedfan checks are all clean? I would just like to be sure of the faulty SSD before I put money towards a new one. Thank you for your help either way!

    //Edit: I think this confirms your theory, does it not?

    Just to compare this to my slow, 3/4 year-something old HDD
  6. yea, the chart further shows the sudden drop of speed
  7. Okay thank you very much for confirming!
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