Hyper 212 plus or EVO fit in an EVGA hadron?

Does anyone know? I can't find the measurements for the hadron online :/
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  1. I'm pretty sure they won't fit since the case is only 169mm wide and the coolers are 159mm tall. I'd say you should get a TX3 instead.
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    Maximum CPU cooler clearance is 139/140mm (depends on the source, the variation is possibly due to a conversion from inches)

    This rules out any 120mm fan based tower coolers, including the Hyper 212, Xigmatek Gaia or other similar styles.

    Which coolers you do have access to is largely dependant on which motherboard you are using, as those with a central CPU socket are likely to have more options than those which don't.

    Basically, you are looking for a 90-92mm fan-based tower cooler, which ideally you can point towards the top of the case (motherboard dependant).
    Examples of this would include the Coolermaster Hyper TX3, Hyper 101, Xigamatek Loki, Arctic Freezer 13 or EVGA ACX ITX cooler. There's a lot of options.
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