Will mixing two of the same type of kits work together?

I'm pretty new to this, but one question I have in mind is would mixing two of the exact same model kits of ram work? For example, would buying two 2 x 4GB RAM kits to get a total of 16GB of RAM, or two 2 x 8GB ram kits to get 32GB of RAM work?

If important, I'm using an Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0 as a motherboard, and the RAM I buy will depend on what works. Any who, thanks for any response given!
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    Answer is Maybe....not a good idea to mix sets of sticks, even the same exact model can be problematic... Sticks that are packaged together are tested to work together and thus guaranteed, no such luck mixing two packages...Also the XMP profile is based on the packaged set, 2 sticks will require different advanced/secondary timings than do 4 sticks, particularly the RFC which may be 208 for 2 sticks and 278 for 4 sticks. The forums are full of people wanting to know why their second set of sticks won't work
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