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Hi all. I am hoping for some guidance regarding temps on cpu. My 3570k on stock heatsink and cooler (I think,bought the system pre built) seems to be running hot. Using hw monitor, at idle it reads around 35c across all cores. During fsx use this gets up to mid 80s even touching 90s. If I run prime 95 when at stock speeds after about 2-3 minutes the temps hit high 90s which is the throttling temp for this cpu. Obviously with those temps an overclock is pointless as it will hit throttling temps pretty quick. The cpu fan is running at full speed 2000rpm. 

Whats goin on here? Surely temps should be better even on stocks. My gpu (gtx 670) runs cool at mid 20's to 30's so I dont think it is a tower ventilation issue.

Edit:forgot to mention, the temps I am looking at in hw monitor are the core temp 0 core temp 1 etc which I believe are the right ones
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    The stock heatsink isn't very good. In fact it is one of the worst available. You should consider an aftermarket CUP cooler. I prefer closed loop coolers, but there are many good air coolers as well.
  2. Ok I will look into an aftermarket cooler. Does it come with a heatsink? Should I also buy thermal paste and reapply? I will probably look into an air cooler rather than liquid, any recommendations?
  3. Ive ordered an article cooler freezer 13 so will install this over the weekend and see how it goes! Should sort the temps out 
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