Installed windows 8.1 Enterprise trial on new HDD now I cant install 8.1 OEM 64bit

An online friend sent me a link to what I thought was a trial version of windows 8.1 and it turned out to be a trial for windows enterprise edition. I installed the trial on a new HDD without knowing what it was and now I can not install a windows 8.1 64 bit OEM version on my HDD.

I have tried to start the install process from my DVD but it wont accept the product key to start the install process. Is there a way to remove the enterprise edition or wipe my HDD and do a clean install from my windows 8.1 DVD?
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    Boot directly from the 8.1 DVD, blow away all partitions, and install.
    There is no conversion from the 8 Enterprise Trial to another version.
  2. Thank you USAFRet for the help. I have my new OS installed and everything is running fine.
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