MSI Z87-G45 Gaming vs. Asus ROG Maximus VI Hero

I am building a gaming PC and can afford either one. Which one is better?
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  1. If you ever plan on going three way sli then the gaming has an edge over the hero but I never advise to go more than 2-way sli really so that's kind of a wash. Both are great boards. You have a couple more sata ports with the hero. Tough call. I'd read the reviews on each and decide which has the lesser evils and go with that or if we're really nit picking then pick the "prettier" one for you which I rarely advise doing but you really can't go wrong here with either choice I say.
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    The HERO is the better board , I'll take ASUS quality and reliability over MSI anyday.

  3. I defer to sr71. He's the senior guy here. I am actually biased in favor of Asus as well and have had great experiences with them too. Since we have a clearly voiced opinion from someone I respect here I give him a +1 on this too! Not to negate my earlier statement but I was trying to just look down the list and be as impartial as possible. Have fun!
  4. +1 to Blackbird, I did 20 Haswell builds before deciding on the Hero for my Haswell build (in sig) . Great mobo, handles any DRAM, OCs well great with SLI and XFire alike, use this to test other components for builds/repairs/upgrades, handles everything easily
  5. I own the board , by far the best I've ever owned.
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