Issue with EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 2GB Superclocked

I've purchased recently a EVGA GTX 760 from eBay
I've installed it correctly but I'm facing a big issue with the temperature.
I play battlefield 4 and the video settings are optimized but the Temperature reaches 80C and above then the PC shuts down
even when the fan is on full speed the same thing happens.
when I decreased the video settings to the lowest, things were fine.
also I tried to decrease the core clock and the same thing happens.
the flow in my case is good as I've installed extra fans from corsair and directed well.
I know about the flow because I'm an aeronautical engineer so i'm sure about it
when I had the Asus HD7790 I didn't face any problem other than it's performance lower than the GTX 760

but I didn't purchased a good video card to play on lowest settings.
The performance of the card on ultra settings are amazing around 70 fps but it keeps shutting down

Update: could the PSU causes the problem if it was not producing enough power ?
here is a pic of the PSU specs

any suggestions I need to find a solution asap ?

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  1. Download precision x and adjust the fan/temp settings and see if that helps:

    Here's a vid link:
    You'll find 2:30-3min sec germane to your predicament.
  2. jnewegger23 said:
    Download precision x and adjust the fan/temp settings and see if that helps:

    I already have it and even when I put the fan on the full speed all the time same thing happens
  3. Still didn't get an answer about this issue
  4. Based on your psu you should be okay; you may need to rma your card but since you got it on ebay I'm not sure what else to tell you. If you can get a new psu installed that is similar or stronger hopefully that resolves your issue but I don't see why you would need to based on what the psu claims to have as output it should be more than sufficient. Sorry your issue is not yet resolved. Good luck!
  5. Based on my analysis the problem was with the PSU as it wasn't sufficient to give enough current to the GPU. I've changed the PSU to seasonic 850W with 70A @ 12V and there is not problem now.
    thanks to everyone who tried to help me and wish you all the best
  6. I'm happy to hear that the psu replacement works! Have fun!
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