Noctua NH-D14 fan noise issue.

Hello. A few weeks back I ordered an NH-D14 and had my computer guy install it. He installed it Vertically in my Corsair Carbide 500R case.
After a few weeks passed, I started hearing a weird noise coming from the PC and later realized it was coming from the cooler. Later on I noticed that if I push down lightly on the platstic enclosure of the fan in between the heatsinks, the noise would instantly go away.

Today I brought the computer to my guy and he took off the cooler and installed it horizontally with only the middle fan. He took the other fan and put it on top of the case and set it to blow air out. There was also another old fan up top that he installed previously and he set this one to also blow air out.

I took the computer home and plugged it in and while the temps seem to be the same. The only problem is that now all the fans are much louder than they were before. They were whisper quiet prior to today.

Another problem is that I don't like how it looks this way. I like everything to be situated the way it was meant to be...

Any ideas on why the fans are louder now? Also, I'm probably going to ask him to put it back the way it was originally and take out that extra old fan from the top.

But I don't want that other noise to come back =/
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  1. He needs to have it mounted like this with both fans attached.

    This isn't the Noctua but it should look like this.

  2. he should be able to fix that pretty easily. I have not installed one of those before but I have to assume it is like all the rest and that a retaining bracket was just not holding it in place correctly.
  3. Thanks for the replies. That pic is how he had it installed originally. But that noise started happening. And yes I noticed that left heatsink was more lose than the right. Now that noise is gone, but the fans are louder. Are the fans just louder when they are horizontal?
  4. He probably didn't have it secured properly , I own the Noctua , and it's pretty quiet.
  5. So yesterday he installed the cooler horizontally and took the fan from the side and put it on top of the case. When I brought it home, all the fans were a lot louder than they were before. Today I brought it back and he put it back on the original way, like in the picture you posted. He also gave me a Noctua fan for free put it as the exhaust and took the exhaust one and put it on top to blow air in. Now everything seems fine with all those fans and they are quiet. I think the problem was that he had installed my 2 ram sticks right next to each other and the outside noctua fan was pressing up against one of the sticks. I think that is what was causing the noise. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that noise is gone now but now there is a new problem. My damn MSI 780 ti is now making bad coil whine in every game I play :(. The card did not do this before. It was whisper quiet and now it has this annoying coil whine :(. I don't know what caused this but I'm very aggravated already with al this.
  6. put a fps limiter on your games so that you do not go over 70fps and you should be fine. What game are you playing.
  7. I'm getting the coil whine at 60fps and below as well. And I play a lot of different games. Some not very taxing at all and some extremely taxing like Crysis 3 or AC Black Flag.
  8. Is the coil whine consistent throughout a game or just at certain points like the loading screens
  9. consistent. Right now I'm playing SWTOR which only uses like 40% of the card so the fans are only spinning at 35% and it is making the noise but it's not very loud. When I play a more taxing game it gets very loud and obnoxious.
  10. coil whine should not be that consistant. I would contact your manufacturer.
  11. So heres exactly what happened. After he finished installing the cooler and some fans we connected the PC and turned it on to see how its working.
    We turned on Unigine Heaven at max settings and about 10 seconds into the benchmark it froze up and the screen went black and said no power or something can't remember exactly. Then it stayed like this and even after I reset the PC, the screen was still black with that no power thing. After a few tries to reset it he asked me if it's overclocked (I'm assuming he meant the CPU) and I said no. Then he asked me if I register my products and I said most of them yes. After this he pressed something on the motherboard it looked like and then it started up normally but now the card was making this noise.

    This computer guy knows his stuff for the most part and he's a good guy I mean he charges me very cheap for the work he does. But he did make a mistake when he put my PC together. I'm pretty sure, and he agrees with me, that the Noctua started making noise because the outside fan was pressed up against one of the RAM sticks. I saw how it was pressed up like that but I figured that's just how it had to be and that he knows what hes doing. When I examined the Noctua yesterday, the left heatsink was more lose than the right (the right side has the outside fan that was pressed up against the RAM stick). At first I thought that the left heatsink needed to be fastened tighter or something but now I realize that it was the right heatsink that needed to not be pressed up against a damn RAM stick. He actually asked me on his own if I knew if my RAM was dual channel or what.

    Anyway, the mistake he made when putting my PC together was that he put the 2 RAM sticks in the first two slots. This is why the fan on the Noctua was pressed up against the second stick. Now the RAM sticks are in the 2nd and fourth slots. All of this could have been avoided had he installed the RAM properly =/

    I don't know why this happened to my video card. I don't know if it had something to do with me bringing the PC to the store and back to my house 3 times in the last two days. I was very careful with it and didn't bang it or hit it against anything and the store is only 2 blocks from my house. Is this something that would have happened anyway? I don't know, I mean it has been here since I bought it a few months back and it never had this issue. The card always ran whisper quiet with the exception of a low coil whine in Call of Duty Ghosts (only a few levels at that).

    What do you think?
  12. your pc builder pressed the cmos switch on your motherboard (factory reset)

    can you try your card in another pcie slot
  13. I already took it out and packed it up for RMA. I put in a sapphire 7950 for the time being. It is making some noise but I think it's just the fans spinning.

    I really should have just taken the rig after he moved the RAM sticks over. That noise the cooler was making was gone and everything was good but I thought the noise would just come back so I left it there for him to do whatever he was gonna do (which was flip the cooler over horizontally). If I had taken it home then everything would have been fine but I left it and he did what he did and the fans that were facing up became loud so I had to bring it back. After he put the cooler back on vertically and we started Unigine that's when everything went south. 10 Seconds into the benchmark it froze up and then black screen with no power message. Stayed that way even after we reset it a few times and only went back to normal after he pressed that factory reset button.

    Unfortunately, it didn't all go back to normal. My 780 ti Gaming started making that noise which he said was coil whine but apparently it is not since it is always there during gaming.

    Now there are more problems... After we did that factory reset he noticed that the fans were spinning very fast and making more noise so he started putting on filters. The filters limit the voltage to the fans and make them spin at minimum speed. I brought it home and today I noticed that the 2 fans in the front were louder than before. The case I have is the Carbide 500R. The fans on this case were very silent. When I turned it up to the highest setting on the controller they would make no more noise than when on low, not that I can hear anyway. I called him and said I don't like this noise I want it to be the way it was before and he said the only thing we can do is put filters on the fans that don't have them yet like the 2 in the front. He tried gave me excuses like when the CPU fans get quieter you start noticing the other fans more. It's all BS because I know those fans were silent. Anyway, I brought it back to him for a fourth time and he put filters on the 2 fans in the front and the 2 fans on the cooler itself. So now all the fans besides the 2 video card fans and the power supply fan have those filters. Now I can't control the fan speed anymore. I'm not seeing any change in temperature and from what I remember, turning up the the fan speed would only cool my overclocked 7950 by 2-3 degrees. I guess if the temps stay the same and the noise from the fans is low then there is no need to turn them up. But I still am upset that this happened and that I lost the control of my fans speed.

    I want to know what could have caused this to happen. I know it all went to hell after it froze up or after he pressed the factory reset.
    Could that factory reset have damaged the GPU? Could it have made the PSU make this noise and make all the fans spin outa control?
    Was it the PSU that had a hiccup or something? =/

    I mean the rig is still pretty quiet. The loudest thing is probably the power supply and even that isn't very loud. It's just barely audible to me when I'm sitting at the desk. The PC is on the floor not 2 feet away. But I know it was quieter before all this. I just wan't to know what is going on honestly.

    Thanks for your replies by the way
  14. so if he pressed that cmos switch then it may have reset some settings in the bios related to fan control.

    I would boot into the bios and see if you can adjust the fan settings there
  15. Thanks I will try that now. What do you think about what happened with my other stuff? My Video card and my Power supply? Do you think its all the fans spinning too fast or something?

    The video card started making a noise like coil whine and it gets louder as the GPU usage goes up (I'm guessing fan speed too)
    And the Power supply is making a buzzing noise... Maybe the fan?

    Could it be that the cmos clear made all the fans spin faster including the ones on the GPU and PSU?
  16. so I just checked the bios. It shows the 2 CPU fans set to minimum 25% and max 100% and temp max 70 degrees.
    After that it has 1, 2, and 3 system fans. The bar starts at 50 and its set at 60 for the first two. The third is not showing up.

    Of course there is nothing there that controls the fans of the PSU or GPU.

    Could pressing that button have messed up my power supply? or even video card?
  17. the cmos switch should not affect anything.

    what is your motherboard make model number.

    If the first two are showing up they are probably PWM fans (variable speed)

    the last is probably a fixed speed fan and will run at whatever voltage is being run into it.

    maybe the fan he moved around is a faster spinning model and therefore creates more noise.

    let me know what model MB you have and I will see what options you have
  18. Hmm if the CMOS switch is not to blame then I have no idea why the video card started making that awful noise. Same with the PSU.

    My mobo is the MSI G45 z87.

    All three show up at the bottom there where you can set different speeds for them. The third one has a min and max speed also, the other two do not. But where it says how fast they are currently spinning... The first one seems normal, the second one is bouncing between like 300 and 30000, and the third one doesn't show any RPM at all.

    He took the original exhaust fan from the back and put it on the top of the case to blow air in. In place of the original exhaust fan, he put a Noctua fan. Same as the one in between the heatsinks on my cooler.
  19. Hmm, you think something happened to the PCIe slot after that factory reset? I think this 7950 is making a similar noise to the 780 ti now and it's in the same slot. When I run Unigine it makes a low noise but when I quit Unigine, those few seconds in that loading screen make it go to like 5485 FPS and it makes the exact same noise the 780 ti made when I quit Unigine.
  20. There's definitely something going on with the mobo I think. The 7950 is making that same constant buzzing coil whine sounding noise that the 780 ti was making only its lower. It's there at idle but hard to hear, it's audible during gaming.

    That Unigine loading screen after you quit was making the sound go berserk for the few seconds the screen was there till it went back to windows. It did this with the 780 ti as well. Now I turned on Vsync and it is not doing it anymore during that screen. But is still making the sound during gaming or running unigine.
  21. I will be back in a couple of hours I am about o get off work (tech support). the cmos usually would only fry the motherboard so maybe it caused an issue with the pcie slot. I will see if I can reach out to a motherboard specialist about what that could effect.

    If you look at your fan plugins how many pins do they have. the 2 pins are voltage controlled andthe 3 pins are variable.

    I will do a little research once I am home and see what I can find
  22. Thanks a lot man it is much appreciated. I will will you in as I go. Just now I was taking out the 7950 to put it in the second PCIe slot and I noticed the something with the connectors. My PSU has 4 6pin and 2 2pin connectors. The 6pin connectors are marked P14, P15, P16, and P17. It looks like P14 and P15 are supposed to go together and P16 and P17 go together. I had something like P14 and P17 connected. I even tried to take one out to plug in another and it wouldn't reach. Not sure if this makes any impact on anything or not, or if it did damaged anything.

    Also, I put the 7950 into the second PCIe slot and connected P14 and P15 to it. It is making the same noise as before.

    At first I thought maybe it's just the PSU that froze up that time and somehow got messed up in the process but then why would it start working again from hitting the CMOS button on the mobo?
  23. I'm going to try 2 different things now. I guess first I will try to connect the P16 and P17 instead of the other two and see if that does anything. Then I will put the card back into the first PCIe slot and try that.

    Ok I've tried the video card in both slots and tried switching the connectors and the noise is still there with any combo =/

    I guess it can be only one of two things. Either a problem with the mobo or the PSU.
  24. running the correct power connectors is a good idea although they should all be carrying the same amperage. I would take your setup to your guy and test it with one of his power supplies. maybe test your card in one of his rigs
  25. hello again fkr. Actually, we already put a new PSU in my computer. It's a 1050W Gold Seasonic. My rig is still doing the same things. Everything is making weird noises. The fans, the HDD, the GPU, and even the motherboard I think. On Thursday I will bring the rig back to him and he will take it apart. After that we will put the mobo on something and start putting it together piece by piece till we hear something start making noise.

    Best scenario would be that there was something bothering the mobo somewhere and if we do this we may solve the issue... That's just me wishfully thinking

    Not a great scenario but not the worst one either would be that the mobo is defective. Maybe I cracked it with this big Noctua cooler when I was transporting it? Although, I did see on the Noctua website that they say it's totally safe to transport a computer with this cooler in it.

    Worst possible scenario and me hanging myself would be that whatever caused the PC to freeze that time caused damage to everything in my rig. Obviously I'm hoping this is not the case and I don't even know if this is possible but with my luck with computers anything goes lol. This would mean I would have to try and RMA everything and hope they give me replacements.

    What do you think?
  26. I don't know whats up with the website or if it's on my end or what but I can't update anything.

    I forgot to add that he installed the cooler upside down and after that the PC froze. By upside down I mean that the Noctua name on each heatsink is facing towards the back of the case instead of the front.
  27. If you have another motherboard then you can test everything but the CPU probably. Do you know if the power was connected to the power supply when the CMOS was pressed.
  28. I believe the power was connected but I'm not sure =/
  29. I believe the power was connected but I'm not sure =/
  30. Maybe it wasn't
  31. remeber when you do an RMA just say that you have done no troubleshooting and that it just started follow there instruction and you should have success. remember it has never been moved and nothing has changed. hopefully you get what you need.
  32. Today we took the rig apart and did some testing. First of all, the motherboard makes a buzzing noise and another weird noise from around the CPU area. The Video card is still making that consistent whine that gets louder with load and it did so on two other motherboards as well. Also, the new seasonic power supply makes noise when plugged into the motherboard or the video card (on any mobo). When we plugged the PSU into a different motherboard it made a similar noise but it was very hard to hear even if you put your ear right to the PSU. When plugged into my mobo or video card, the PSU noise can be heard from some feet away.

    I'm going to RMA both the Mobo and the Video card. I'm also worried about the cooler fans and the case fans. They were dead silent before and now they are noisy. I don't know if this will be resolved with the new Mobo...

    Wanted to ask this also... Was the power plug supposed to be connected when he hit the switch or not? He told me it was was connected because how else would the switch do anything.
  33. the power switch is one thing and resetting the bios by use of the cmos jumper is another. If you have your owners manual it will be in there or at the manufactureers website.

    to clear the cmos the computer should be unplugged from the wall
  34. I just scanned through the posts from the beginning.

    When your installer put this cooler in, did he install the silicone dampener between the fans and the heat sink. If he didn't, that may very well eliminate your noise.
  35. Thanks again for replies. Fkr - He said he did have it connected and said how would it do anything if it was not connected. I'm not sure which switch he hit but it did reset and windows loaded up.

    Terry- He did install the silicone. I'm fairly certain now that the sound that started happening that made me bring it back to him originally was due to the fan casing pressing up against one of the RAM sticks. I brought it to him and tried to explain that when I press lightly on the middle fan the noise goes away. But he said he sees the problem right away and said he had the same issue with the noctua fans on his xbox 360. I left and when I came back he showed me what he did. He took those silicone pieces and cut them in half because when they were whole there was only enough of them for one fan. After he cut them he had enough for both fans. He was so sure this was the resolution that he didn't even bother to test it. I brought it home and the noise was still there so I brought it back to him again. This time he moved the RAM to the 2nd and fourth slots (which were the instructions on the mobo itself) too bad he missed that when he assembled it originally. Anyway after he did this the noise was gone but I was skeptical and thought it would come back when I brought it home. That was my big mistake, I should have taken it home right there. He also said he wanted to try installing the cooler horizontally so I left it and he did that and installed one of the noctua fans and another fan up top blowing out. I brought it home and all 3 fans that were blowing up were loud. Brought it back to him and told him to install it the normal way so he did and we booted it up and started Unigine and that's when the unthinkable happened.

    All this trouble because of one stupid mistake. Now I'm sending the Mobo and VGA for RMA and I'm worried that all the fans will not go back to normal when I get the replacement mobo. They were all dead silent before, even on highest setting and now they are loud. Could this have messed up the fans?
  36. Best answer
    replacing the mobo will solve any issues related to the fans. the fans themselves really cannot have these type of faults. you could always get a fan regulator if you really want to be able to adjust them to silent.

    It sounds like the voltage regulators on the mobo were bad and if it sent extra voltage to your fans it could have produced these sound. it is just a guess.

    next time build your own and watch youtube videos and ask questions here. It is just a good skill to practice.
  37. I would guess that the fans are just set to maximum RPM. You can use the motherboard fan headers to control the RPM. You can also use the ULN adapter to reduce the RPM. If you have trouble when you get your parts back , you can send me a note and I'll guide you through it.

    Noctua is excellent at providing parts (free) for their coolers. Contact their customer support, and I'm sure they will replace the silicone dampener.
  38. Thanks again for the replies. So 4 of the fans are connected to the mobo (2 cooler fans, exhaust fan, and one fan on top). The other 3 fans are the fans with the LEDs on them 2 in the front and 1 big one on the side. Those 3 fans are controlled by the switch on the front of the PC. My guy said that switch is not connected to the mobo.

    This other guy from the computer store nearby where I work said that fans have a chip in them and if the fans are connected directly to a power supply those chips will fry and the fans will never spin slow again. But these fans were not connected directly to the power supply. I asked my guy if there was a way we could test all the fans without my mobo and he said no. Maybe I should call Corsair and Noctua and see if they can help me with it.
  39. Welp I got the refurb motherboard and had my guy set it up today. The fans are all still making noise/spinning too hard and that noise that was coming from behind the mobo is still there. I can only hear the noise the mobo is making if I put my ear to it but I do hear the fans right now and I'm sitting a few feet away from the PC. All the temps are normal though and have not had any issues yet but I have not played any games yet. The Video card will be here tommorow.

    I'm going to call MSI tommorow after work. This is just dumb... Probably should have went with an Asus mobo or something
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