Asus maximus vi hero vs asus sabertooth z87

I'm not going to be overclocking, in going to let the turbo do that for me, the only reason why I'm choosing between the maximus vi hero or the sabertooth is because of the aesthetics, money isn't a problem here, I just want to know which one you guys think looks better
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  1. Asus maximus vi hero

  2. Do u think it looks better than sabertooth?
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    I believe the Sabertooth has a 5-year Warranty which is one of the main reasons I got the Z77 version.

    They emphasize the "toughness" of the Sabertooth Z87 though I really don't know if it would be more reliable. Regardless, they'll replace it for up to five years which you may or may not care about.

    I have been recommending the Hero to many people as well; I'm not sure how much better the audio really is though it is a Realtek chip. Basically keep the Warranty issue in mind, and read about the differences from Asus' site. Have both sites side-by-side and flip back and forth.
  4. Will agree with the Blackbird, I went with the Hero also and also, looks good and I think is about the best Z87 mobo out there
  5. Update:
    If you do get the Sabertooth then install the small Assist fans, but then setup the fan software so they are completely OFF until 50degC. On my Z77 they are a little annoying if on, so I just set it up so they only turn on if heat could be an issue (basically NEVER in my case). Have the fans run for at least a minute on shutdown though as that keeps the motherboard cool with the case fans off (doubt it matters that much).
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