Transferring my current HDD Data to my new PC

Ok, I am building a new PC here soon, and want to sell my current one to my friend. I want to keep my windows on here for her and just transfer my data to my new pc (I bought another windows 7 for it) What's the best way to go about this?

I'm getting a SSD for the OS and Games, and a 1 TB for reg misc files from my old comp.
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    Just simply plugged your new HDD to your old build and copy all the files you need to transfer from your previous build and move it to the new hard drive. You can then remove all your data from the OLD PC. (just the data not the OS)
  2. Now, if I do it this way, will there be a problem if I want to:

    Move all my main programs to the SSD where my new OS will be installed (put it on the HDD first, then once I install the OS, move it to the SSD?)
  3. Basically, Windows builds a registry of the hardware and applications installed in that system. Since you will have a fresh Windows OS and a different hardware build you also need to reinstall those programs into your new system. Hence most applications will not work by simply copying or moving it to a different computer.
  4. Thought so, thanks!
  5. If the amount of files is huge, you could just remove the main disk (OS) property from old HDD with Disk Management/an bootup HDD utility and so on plug it into your new system and let it be recognize with 1) either Windows of the new system (use Disk Management again and let it detect) and use This Computer/File manager to copy, OR 2) Just plug it in next to the new HDD, in the new system and use an bootup File Manager utility (guess: Hiren's Boot, google it) to copy all files from old disk to a new folder on your new HDD, they mostly work with an Manager gui and great utilities for this are available.

    Simpler said, just connect it with SATA and maybe even for the convenience choose your main disk for Bootup (priority) menu instead of all advanced ways as above this might also just work fine

    I'm putting this here incase you have many files and it's better for convenience or something to mass-move it. If not, just do it with storage media as Trekzone said
  6. Also, you really need to wipe and reinstall the OS on the computer you're selling. Give it to her as a clean system.
  7. That's right, if the PC would ever go to someone else (even after her, if you trust the new owner) , it's alot easier to 'recover' files with utilities that may be private or sensitive and this risk will be reduced by re-installing your OS while formatting it

    Transfer the files with the ways said here and make sure you choose the best for your privacy/files afterwards with the old system.
  8. Guess I could do a reinstall for the OS, but she isn't computer savvy at all, so I don't think she'll be able to find any files I may miss, etc. But I will do a reinstall of the OS once I get my data from the drive.
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