AMD FX8320 VRMs/Northbridge getting too hot. Undervoling?

Hi all,

I installed a FX8320 on my Motherboard and it seems like some components are getting too hot. Maybe the VRMs, but the heatsink on the northbridge is hot enough to cook an egg on it too. It seems like these temps are trhottling my CPU from 3.6GHz to 1.4GHz. Coretemp of the CPU is 51° C, then the throttling kicks in till it cools down to 48° C - clock goes up and so does the temp till it hits 51° again. That repeats as long as there is load on the CPU. It causes FPS drops in games and GPU can't work either.. My motherboard: m5a78l le.

So 51° coretemp of the CPU shouldn't cause the heat-thrtolling, right?

Could undervolting help me to lower the temps? Can i disable heat-throttling just to test it out?
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    The 760G chipset on that motherboard was not designed to run the FX series CPU.

    They are known to throttle 8 core CPUs due to poor VRMs or inadequate VRM cooling, among other things.

    There is not much you can do short of getting a better board(970 chipset at least) or you can try and improve airflow over the VRMs.
  2. VRM thermal throttling will indeed be your problem, i had the same problem on an Asrock 970 Extreme4 board and that board even had a vrm heatsink.
    Undervolting was my short term solution before i had enough and ended up buying a new board because i wanted to OC.
    My 8320 at stock clocks (turbo disabled) ran at 1.125v which eliminated my throttling problems, just keep in mind my board did have a vrm heatsink so it might not work at all that great for you, i also run a Noctua NH-D14 cooler which provides some airflow over the vrm heatsink area.

    I would avoid disabling any kind of throttling settings, they are there for a reason.
  3. Thank you both guys, could you recommend a board to me which I can run my CPU on without these problems?

    I will try undervolting to 1.125V till I have a new board here. Is it possible to get a decent board with max 100 €? I didn't plan spending more money this month on the PC. Just bought the R9 270X and FX8320 along a new Black Edition WD, so I don't have much money left for these kind of things.
  4. The Asus M5A97 is more than good enough.
    However for 100 you can get a 990FX chipset board that could allow for some overclocking.
  5. Thank you, I will try that one out :)
  6. Need help again: I can't change the vcore in my BIOS. When I navigate to CPU Configuration and select the setting it just displays the current VCore and "Ignored" as an option. I could change it some while ago, what happened here? Why the hell are there no options?
  7. Reset your BIOS.
  8. Done, fresh reset. Only two options under Power > CPU Configuration > CPU Core Voltage: 1.320V or Ignored ?!
  9. That really is weird, but I have seen it happen before.
  10. I can remember that there were a lot of options available ?
    However, I am getting a new motherboard next week. I am not going to spend hours to figure this one out now.

    It is clearly overheating of the VRMs, i've put my fan over my opened case, pointing there and it stayed stable, CPU clock never dropped.
    Thank you for your help!
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