Do gryphon z87 and Maximus Hero have TPM for Bitlocker or Truecrypt?


I plan to purchase either Gryphon z87 and Maximus IV Hero. I would like to confirm that either of the mobo has TPM by default for supporting full drive encryption like Bitlocker or Truecrypt.

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    Truecrypt doesn't use the TPM.

    Neither of them (like basically all desktop boards) have a TPM onboard; they have a socket where you can insert one.

    TPM isn't particularly useful for encryption, though. It's also a massive pain as it means that if the TPM dies, you can't decrypt the drive without a special recovery key.

    I wouldn't normally recommend TUF/ROG boards. They tend to be pricey and you're not going to use all the extra features. You're paying for the brand + bling.
  2. Nope. Truecrypt does need TPM to be enabled in the BIOS if you want to full system drive encryption (without having to use external USB stick to store the key, of course).
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