Help my work computer won't connect to the Internet because of DNS

My work computer is windows 7 and won't connect to the Internet but says it has strong connection. I troubleshooted it and it's because of a DNS error. How do I fix this please?
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  1. Did you check your DNS-settings?
    If you go to -> Run -> cmd: enter 'ipconfig' and look what is set as DNS-suffix
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    You can ask for the correct DNS entries from your ISP or the Admin of the Network and put them into the Properties of the Connection you use.
    You can also try to renew the IP's and DNS entries by using the repair or diagnose for problems through the windows network checking functions.
    Or you can go to elevated command prompt and type "ipconfig /flushdns" at the prompt.
    Then try to access the net and see if you manage to get through.
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