SSD Sata3 6GB/s and Cable/Motherboard Compatibility

Hello I recently brought a 500GB SAMSUNG SSD 840 EVO which is currently connected in my SATA2_0 Gigabyte 770TA-UD3 Motherboard slot and configured to AHCI mode.

My problem is this : Samsung Manager tells me that SATA 6GB/s (SATA 3) is available and I would want to connect my SSD like that for maximum performance.
My Question is :

Do I need to connect my SSD like this ? ( here's a pic of my MB)

by using a SATA3 cable like this one ?

Thanks are In advance ! :)
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  1. Yes, that is where you ought to have connected it.
    Didn't the Mobo or the SSD come with a SATA 3 Cable?

    You need to buy the cable ONLY if they weren't provided with the Mobo or the SSD.....
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    SATA III is more like a standard, generally older SATA's are off the market so it's obvious you got it shipped with SATAIII. However some shops still show difference with III's listing (-6-GBPS!) but not to be found otherwise...

    To get to your problem, if it says it's available for speed, then either you haven't got an newer cable (SATAIII) connected yet, or you have something set in your system's BIOS that blocks compatibility/SATA settings aren't set accordingly. With that I cannot help you myself but you might take a look at the 'setup' menu (system bios at startup)
  3. Just to be safe I took on Blooker's advice and reviewed my BIOS settings and soon after I brought a new cable with a 90° head and it worked like a charm. ( )

    I did not recieve a cable with my SSD so I was worried that my old one would not work or that I still needed to modify some BIOS settings after I've changed the connection slots from SATA2 TO GSATA3 (SATA3), still, just as you 2 predicded, buying a new one was the right thing to do from start :3
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