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Slow internet on LAN for just one PC

Last response: in Networking
April 11, 2014 2:25:27 AM

I have 2 PC's and 2 laptops on my home LAN. Both PC's use cat5's and the laptops are wireless. The problem is, my PC gets slower speeds than the rest.

I'm running Windows 7 64bit. My motherboard is an Asus Maximus VI Hero and I'm using the on-board Intel I217V port. I also have the latest drivers for it.

Currently, speed tests on everything else shows 60Mbps, yet my PC is showing 30Mbps. It's not the cable, as if I plug that into my laptop, it will show the full speed. I keep my PC in good working order, so it has an up-to-date antivirus, firewall etc and I do regular scans. I've also tried disabling BitDefender to see if that was the cause and that didn't help.

Any help would be appreciated.


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April 13, 2014 6:55:59 AM


Is this something that has just started happening or is it a long running issue. If it is something that just started happening, can you think of anything that happened at the time?

Also, are you using any of the BIOS features for LAN improvement, and if you are, try disabling them as they could be causing your problem.