PSU making high pitched whine noise

I have had my Corsair CX750M for a few months months now, and I'm really getting sick of the whine coming from it. It's been there since day one.
I was thinking of getting it RMA'd but I wasn't the one who bought it, any tips?
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  1. probably something with a fan, claim a warranty if possible!
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    It would be coil whine you are hearing.
    Wouldn't be the fan, it doesn't even spin 90% of the time, only under high load.
    Would definitely claim warranty all the same.
    Who originally bought the psu? do you have the receipt?
  3. As shadyhamster said, it's probably coil whine. Myself also had whine sometimes and it seemed to be an eletrical circuit in the PSU that was under high loads, making a different while all day (20 seconds, 5 seconds break/higher/lower) When checking it up, it had to do with electric frequences and components inside of it.
  4. Thanks for your help guys, decided to get an RMA directly from corsair since I found the proof of purchase.
  5. Coil whine is a common issue with PSUs - good ones, and not so good ones share the anomaly.

    Most reputable manufacturers, including corsair if I'm not mistaken, will warranty a PSU having coil whine issues.
  6. Indeed, as Adroid said it's commonly... for a few PSU's from a certain batch. You can say 2 out of 10 PSU's have it or will get it from the day of purchase or later.

    Most people however, think it's damaged parts/damaging stuff, but it isn't. The PSU will have the same lifespan as an other not having it, but the noise can work onto your nerves and you'll better RMA it. Even if you have no receipt they would just read serial/brand info and for their imago, fix it or return a new one.. For me atleast.
  7. Its not defective. Just annoying. Corsair admits fault here:

    But they will RMA it for you.
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