Good but Cheap Solid State Device to replace 500GB SataIII

Hi Everyone,

I have noticed a very annoying humming/ringing noise in my headphones when I move my mouse/games being loaded and wasn't sure what was causing it. My instincts tell me its my Hard drive but I wanted you guys to clarify.

Besides that I was curious if you could tell me a good SSD to replace my old HHD.
I have looked and the prices are quite high for SSD's.


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    I love Mushkin ssd's. they have nearly the same speed as the high end 840 evo's at a lower price and they are made in Colorado Usa!!! they have world class tech support too!

    120 gb

    240 gb

    240 deluxe version
  2. Samsung 840 EVO and Crucial M500 are some very good SSDs for price and performance. Might be worth checking them out as well.
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