Gaming PC ($1800-$2000) First build , can go higher if need

I just want to know if my build is optimize and is there anything I can do to improve it.

Some notes about the build :
- Trying to make the computer small because I live in Boston right now but I might move back to Vietnam in 2 years and I'm planning to bring the computer back with me
- This computer is going to be a pc gaming, most of the time i will be playing games ( Wildstar, some upcoming games), sometimes my gf want to do some photoshop as well.
- I dont have any plan so far to overclock because I have no idea what it is, if you guys can shred some light on me about that then it would be awesome :D
- Looking to play it on dual screen.
- The build above is not a final build, it just a build that my friend recommend, feel free to drop down other build :D

Thank you
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  1. imho you should get a 650W PSU at least.

    PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant / Benchmarks

    Power Supply: EVGA SuperNOVA 650W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply ($79.50 @ Amazon)
    Total: $79.50
    (Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available.)
    (Generated by PCPartPicker 2014-04-11 12:02 EDT-0400)
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    I have heard that the corsair RM uses the same capacitors as the CX series which are low quality and chinese made (rather than japanese) which have a higher potential of failure. I would say go with one of these power supplies:

    Power Supply: SeaSonic G 550W 80+ Gold Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply ($79.99 @ Amazon)
    Total: $79.99

    Power Supply: XFX XTR 550W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply ($89.99 @ Newegg)
    Total: $89.99

    Power Supply: SeaSonic 650W 80+ Gold Certified ATX Power Supply ($94.98 @ SuperBiiz)
    Total: $94.98

    If you want corsair, get the AX or HX series. The Corsair AX/HX, XFX, and Seasonic PSUs all use Seasonic as the supplier so the internal parts are all the same quality (pretty much the best in the industry). The Corsair RM series uses CWT whos power supplys range from bad to decent/good.
  3. I would go for a bigger power supply and the XFX is a great option!
  4. If you do not plan to OC, you should change processors to one that you like that doesn't end in a "K". Those intel processors are made to be OC compatible, and you could get probably some better power for the same price. You don't exactly need to upgrade your PSU, it is going to be good enough still with 100 watts of headroom. Other than that, it is good. Personally I would try to save some money, but with your budget there is no need to!
  5. Also if not overclocking an h87 is the way to go in motherboards the only difference with them and the z87 is overclocking.
  6. i belive that the 780ti is overpriced

    overclock the cpu with this build. it can run most games on max setting on 1440p
    this build has plenty of room for upgrade
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