Black Screen after installing new graphics card (Radeon HD 7850)

Hey all, I recently purchased a new graphics card, and after being reassured convincingly on several forums that the card will run on my computer, I purchased a HIS Radeon 7850 HD.

I followed every guide, uninstalled and disabled my old drivers from my old card (NVIDIA 8800GT) and even after this failed the first time, put my old card in and enabed safe boot, and re-disabled/uninstalled the drivers again.

My specs are the following:

Intel Dual Core E6750 @2.66GHz
Conroe 1333 DVI/H Rev2.0
4X1GB 240Pin DDR2 DIMM Sticks RAM
Cooler Master 600W RP600
AMI 2.10 BIOS.

I'm extremely confused as why this is happening, as I have followed everything by the book, and double/triple checked that the card was compatible on my system before purchasing. Can anyone help me out?

Many Thanks, Ross.
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  1. Do you get the black screen before or after the windows environment?
  2. ilysaml said:
    Do you get the black screen before or after the windows environment?

    Before. Nothing appears on the screen at all. Not even the boot up information
  3. Ok I believe it's a compatibility issue, assuming you're connecting the right cables and everything in place I believe it's because of your PCIE slots, it's rated as PCIE 1.0 according to your MOBO manual, the HD 7850 is a PCIE 3.0 standard, technically it should work fine, but some PCIE 1.0 MOBOs didn't even accept PCIE 2.1 cards.
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