will ati radeon toxic r9 270x work asus m4a88t-mle motherboard

My computer automatically turns off while playing high end games . I resently installed a ati r9270x toxic gpu . What may be the problem?
Computer config.
Amd phenom 2 x4 black edition processor
500watt cooler master psu
Asus m4a88t-mle motherboard
4gb corsair xms3 ram
2gb ati toxic r9 270x
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    It is not problem, you can use it because pcie3.0 is backward compatible to pcie2.0.
  2. So what should i do
  3. So what should i do now
  4. 1) Do you use two 6pins pcie connectors for the 270x? And which model PSU do you have?
    The PSU may not have enough juicy for the 270x, because the whole system will use total Wattage about closed to 450W something. 270x=290W, CPU maybe 95-125 W(?), MB=40W, DVD/CD=30W.
    2) Check in the BIOS, do you disable the onboard video card HD4250 or not?
    3) Monitor the cpu temp, because the GPU run cool.
  5. Yes i do have 6pin pcie connectors .
    i have a coller master 500 watt psu.
    i disable the the onboard video card
  6. I know you have the cooler master 500W psu, I mean which model, because some of them is very bad, because they don't have enough power to power the high end GPU. That why I ask which model.
    Also check CPU temp, using HWmonitor
  7. Thunder series psu
    cpu temp avg 40-45
  8. And my mother supports pcie 1.0
  9. It should be either RS-500-ACAB-D3 or RS-500-ACAB-M3, the 1st one can output only 444W, other one is even worse. So it may be the PSU, you can test the PSU by using other GPU to see during the game PC will shut down or not.
  10. Other gpus just work fine . I tested a Radeon 6690 hd gpu
  11. I also tested 5670hd and 7690hd
  12. I don't really know the names but i think these were the gpus that i tested
  13. I don't know there is the HD 6690 or HD7690. But for the HD5670 that only requires 400W PSU.
  14. So which psu should i buy cooler master or corsair
  15. Here is PSU tier list, get the tier 1 or 2 at least if you can find one.
  16. Can you suggest me a psu of 700watt or 650 watt
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