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Hey guys, since i got my new mobo the other week and re installed windows 7 etc its all been fine. But when i load up the system at first it asks me what operating system i would like to load (heard this is called a dual boot) and both options are windows seven. If i clicked the first one it loads normally and the second one just takes me to a black screen. Any idea how to remove that second option so it just skips that annoying screen and loads my computer without me having to select the first windows 7 option.
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  1. doesnt matter, solved it :P
  2. Do you have a Windows 7 boot disc? If you do, boot into system recovery and type:

    BootRec.exe /RebuildBcd

    This will scan your disks for windows installs and ask which ones you would like to leave in the boot configuration data (BCD).

    If you don't have the disk, try EasyBCD:
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    Okay your mistake was you reinstalled Windows OVER Windows itself, which you did NOT need to do when you installed your new Mobo. The problem is it has a bad set of configuration in the BootStrap.

    Simple answer is: Click Start, in the field type MSCONFIG, click on Boot and delete the BAD listed OS, be careful if you pick the wrong one you will hose your system.
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