My exhaust fan seems slower than the rest..

I just finished building a new computer build and the exhaust fan which is a corsair AF120 seems to be slower than the 2 i used for my processor cooler on the evo 212 is it suppose to run slower? I have it them all plugged into the motherboard pins not a fan controller.
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  1. The CPU ones connected to the CPU fan header are controlled separately form the other motherboard fan headers.
  2. so its just me worry for no reason i go by the corsair badge in the centre so for example on the processor ones i cant make the images out, but on the exhaust fan you can notice it more but still cant tell its corsair with out stopping it. that's the only way i can really explain it without having a video or something sorry.
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    Don't worry about it. As long as all the fans are bowing in the correct directions, everything is good.
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