where can I get bulk "bare" (nothing attached to them) flash drives

I need some rectangular flashdrives between 10x12x40 mm and 12x14x45 mm. They should not have rings, lanyards, or caps. These are to fit into the handy-dandy USB-holding wristband shown below. Not sure of the exact size of the flash drive, it seems standard to me. Any one know where I can purchase the drives? Drives must be at least 2 gig. Thank you.
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    search on 'bulk flashdrives'
    Thousands of vendors out there.
  2. popatim said:
    search on 'bulk flashdrives'
    Thousands of vendors out there.

    Thank you, no joy on that search, all I find is drives already inserted into something that can be printed on. What I need is simply the flash drive itself, with nothing attached to it. Please look at photo I added to the original post and imagine the metal flash drive being pulled out of the lavender wristband. That is what I need, only the flash drive, completely naked with nothing attached to it. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  3. I doubt you're going to find what you're looking for unless you're willing to deal directly with a flash drive manufacturer. What you seem to be describing is a retail purchase, and I haven't ever seen a flash drive like that in all the years that they've been manufactured. Your best bet is probably going to be finding retail drives near the size you want and then dismantling them.
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