a10 7850k not hdmi and not dvi display

Hello, im looking for help i just get:

mobo: asus a88xm plus
cpu: amd a10 7850k
mem: 8GB G.Skill DDR3 PC3-19200 2400MHz Trident X g.skill
psu: super flower psu 1000w

my problem is that i can not get display signal from hdmi or dvi, the vga port is the only one that works,
i get last bios update from asus 1102 and try every single driver from amd and nothing.
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    First be sure your monitor is switched to the proper HDMI/DVI input. Some monitors don't auto-seek a signal. If so, then it would appear the card is defective or the cables you are using are poor quality.
  2. Did you find a solution? i have the same problem with my 7850k, i can only use the vga port. I don't have the same motherboard as yours tho.
  3. Hello everyone, i have the same build and the problem, too. How did you find the solution? İ am about to send my entire case to the distributor and it is going to take a month i think. Did you change any parts, drivers or os?
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