Is my CPU too hot?


I'm here to ask if my CPU is too hot?
I have AMD A6-6400K and my mobo is Asus F2A55.
I have Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev. 2.
My CPU runs in idle somewhere about 40-45C.
Is that too hot?

Thanks, Mikael
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  1. whats your ambient temp ? it seems quite hot
  2. Yea it's ok but not good but try and get a copper pipe heatsink if your case has space try a Cooler Master TX3 or a Cooler Master Hyper 212
  3. dandn0ten said:
    whats your ambient temp ? it seems quite hot
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    I think its normal with all AMD CPUS . they all have this heat problem . i had Phenom 955BE & temps were as same as yours .
    its not a big deal just make sure your temps are not going above 62C while under heavy load .

    if your hiting anything above 62C then go for GOod after market cooler . At least Cooler Master Hyper 212

    by the way check your POWER OPTIONS . it might be on HIGH PERFORMANCE profile . just put back to balanced & temps will go lower
  5. What cooler you have, how many case fans you have, have you cleaned cooler from dust?
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