windows stopped booting from Samsung SSD, bios still sees SSD

Although the BIOS sees the SSD, It does not come up when booting into partition wizard and windows recovery finds a windows 7 installation but says it has a 0mb partition size. If I continue on, windows recovery fails with an error saying something like boot configuration corrupt but I believe that's because windows cant see my SSD. Disk part does not see it either.. but it shows up in BIOS!

I tried connecting to a different sata port with the same error. I have tried turning AHCI off but I put it back on.

I have had this SSD less than a year and forgot to backup a few important things recently...

Does anyone know if this has any chance of being a software issue? What can I try?
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    Your SSD might have experience a corrupted file system. You may try to use a data recovery tool to recover your data first before attempting to reformat and reinstalling Windows on your drive.
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